Thursday, January 29, 2009

CAMPAIGN || CK Jeans S/S09

I've been anticipating this campaign for the longest time... Natasha works with Steven Meisel! Sure, it's all been said and done - after 4 years, he shoots her for Vogue Italia, Vogue US and Missoni. But it's CK Jeans I'm most interested in. I always thought Natasha looks best in more basic, raw type shots. In my mind, if it's anything like Kate's / Natalia previous CK ads, she + Anna J + Edita (not sure about Anna S or Naty) would be hot hot hot!

(Natalia in CK S/S06, Kate's old CK Jeans ad, Kate's CK Jeans ad 07, Natalia's CK Jeans ad 08)
Pictures from google, jozworld

And it's out!

It has this old world, crackly, grainy television feel to the ad and it really works. And the banned video is now on wwd - Wow! It's way better than the whole Eva Mendes CK fragrance ad.

It's even better! It's a mix of Kate's old CK Jeans ads, with Natalia Vodianova's CK Jeans ad. And with all the raw sexuality. I like it!

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