Saturday, January 31, 2009

INSPIRATION || Leading lady style

Recently I've become quite obsessed with the style of leading ladies in adventure movies. It all started with a trip to the National Geographic store where CJ got me this gorgeous jacket. (Don't have a photo yet, and it's not on the site) It's dark blue, and it looks kind of rugged, yet well tailored and intellectual.

I suppose that's where it started... it looked intellectual. Just like what Betty Ross from 'The Hulk' (Liv Tyler's character) might wear to campus. Then I thought of Indiana Jones and now I'm building this inspiration board for intellectual leading lady style. :)

It's a work in progress, I've not done many inspiration boards, but I think this will be fun.

And I have to work on my leading lady style outfit!


Dress shirts are one of my favourite things to wear, and this particular one from H&M is my favourite! It's super comfy, and I can go casual / dress up with this easily. Plus, I like the length of the sleeves.

I paired this with an insane pair of heels. Believe me, it's so hard to walk in them even though they are relatively strappy. I think it's the tapering of the heels. I feel like I'm falling over sometimes! But they look good with the dress :)

Pairing it with this necklace, which I adore. I've been looking for a statement necklace for a while, and I found this at a little shop in Holland Village. I love it!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

CAMPAIGN || CK Jeans S/S09

I've been anticipating this campaign for the longest time... Natasha works with Steven Meisel! Sure, it's all been said and done - after 4 years, he shoots her for Vogue Italia, Vogue US and Missoni. But it's CK Jeans I'm most interested in. I always thought Natasha looks best in more basic, raw type shots. In my mind, if it's anything like Kate's / Natalia previous CK ads, she + Anna J + Edita (not sure about Anna S or Naty) would be hot hot hot!

(Natalia in CK S/S06, Kate's old CK Jeans ad, Kate's CK Jeans ad 07, Natalia's CK Jeans ad 08)
Pictures from google, jozworld

And it's out!

It has this old world, crackly, grainy television feel to the ad and it really works. And the banned video is now on wwd - Wow! It's way better than the whole Eva Mendes CK fragrance ad.

It's even better! It's a mix of Kate's old CK Jeans ads, with Natalia Vodianova's CK Jeans ad. And with all the raw sexuality. I like it!

Picture from

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

COLLECTION || Jean Paul Gaultier HC09

You never know with Jean Paul Gaultier whether it’s going to be bouillabaisse or fish stew, wonderful or what-was-that?

-- Cathy Horyn

For the record, it was a great show. Very inventive. :)
Will be doing a review of all the Haute Couture shows when it wraps up.

Monday, January 26, 2009

WAYWT || Stella McCartney Resort

picture from

Channeling Chanel Iman... I loved the dress but it is supposed to be boat neck with buttons on the sleeves. I like the off-shoulder look but it is a little awkward on me.


The blue is very rich, but my camera doesn't capture it properly!


Off-shoulder. Pardon the bra straps! At least it's colour coordinated.



I don't have blue shoes so beige with blue nails it the best I can do!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

OFFSIDE || Living Stones

A while back at the National Geographic store, I saw the cutest things ever! Pebble shaped cushions! They are so cute and they look very real! I was considering buying them but they cost way more than I would pay for a cushion. Nonetheless, it doesn't stop me from drooling over them. In the photo I'm carrying the small and medium sized ones. The small one is about 300 bucks!

They are called Living Stones and they are by this creative designer called Stephanie Marin ( I've screencapped some pictures off her site. It's amazing! I love the giant pebbles.

picture from

Doesn't it look fun? The ultimate mix of softness and strength.
Do check out her site, she has many other amazing home decor products, like living island and mobile shadows. Her work seems very oriented to nature elements, and clean and streamlined. Very inspirational!

Friday, January 23, 2009

BAG CRAZE || PS1 Proenza Schouler bags

To be perfectly honest, I didn't jump on the bandwagon immediately following the announcement of Proenza Schouler's new bag range. I remember it clearly. I first read it on fashionista, and there were no pictures, only a video of the designers talking, which I didn't bother to click on. But fast forward a couple of weeks, following a lot of buzz, I finally googled PS1 and I AM HOOKED.

pictures from net-a-porter

They remind me so much of those old chinese green school bags / army medic bags (but way way more gorgeous, obviously!) I love how casual and utilitarian it is, yet it's so trendy and downtowne without being too obvious. Especially the tan one... so gorgeous!

COLLECTION || Topshop SS09

The Topshop SS09 Lookbook is out and it's creating a buzz all over the blogs!

I can't wait to check out the Rodarte style sweaters! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

MUSE || 80s Glamour

I spent a lot of time tonight thinking about Bryan Ferry's Slave to Love and 9 1/2 Weeks. There is something about the song and the movie that transcends time and fashion. It struck me more of being a mood rather than just a song or film. It's very powerful. Working on a mood board now, and I hope it can help me understand this feeling better.


I found this chunk on text on my itouch... about Bryan Ferry's Slave to Love video, and wow, what was I talking about? :P It was late at night and had a bit to drink... that's why it sounds like weird ramblings! :)

Can't place Bryan Ferry. Roxy Music seems like a mood, not a style. Very beautiful, idealised version of a modern glamourous life. Very elegant, Very passionate. Bryan Ferry is the epitome of what it stands for. Like a film, very much like In the Mood for Love or Blade Runner. Like a drug. Like a mood. Like a love you can never have.

Anyway, I've screencapped the video off Youtube, and my pictures do no justice to the beauty of the video. Every single moment in the video was constructed carefully to look beautiful in that moment. And yet, it joins up in a coherent story. I remember feeling the same about Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love, where every scene was set up so beautifully, every shot tells a story and yet it comes together beautifully. The last shot is that of Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks.

You really have to see it to feel it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

COLLABORATION || Lanvin ♥ Acne

What's been on my mind for a while is whether I like Alber Elbaz's collaboration with Acne Jeans. Lanvin ♥ Acne has been launched for a while now, and I am still considering if it is worth the price tag. Lanvin lovers would probably jump at the chance to get Alber's creations... but I keep circling back to the fact that it's denim and at USD1110 a dress, I want to get something more.

Denim done well - especially in this case, good fit, fantastic draping - is totally worth the money. But at those rates, I would myself a good bag instead. :)

Beautiful denim top - perfect for afternoons spent running errands and having a cup of coffee.

I want a paper bag like that, and the good thing is, I can DIY. :)

I love well cut dresses, and the fact that this was made from denim makes it even better.

USD1110 dress. Reminds me of Stella McCartney Resort 08

Pictures from acne website

Verdict - When / if it goes on sale, I'll be first in line.

INSPIRATION || Vintage Kate Moss

I've always found the messy hair / oversized men's shirt / minimal make up look extremely sexy, and the best embodiment of that? Miss Moss, of course.

Scan from TFS

COLLABORATION || McQueen for Target

McQueen for Target! Eagerly anticipated, and somewhat not what I expected. His gorgeous S/S 09 show with the wet hair look is still fresh in my mind so I guess that formed my expectations. I suppose what I always thought of McQueen is embellishment embellishment embellishment so I often forget the real pieces underneath.

I really like the pieces though. Very wearable. And the colour scheme of blues and greys are gorgeous... To little emphasis has been placed on grey, I think. Which is a great colour and very versatile.

Love the detailing on the left shoulder

This look is a little Alexander Wang

McQ does swimwear! I love this.

Ugh. Probably the only one I hate. Don't get the love for jumpsuits.

Love this look. Grey is my fave colour. I like how she looks like she's wearing a police shoulder holster. But cooler.

I love the jacket. Been on the lookout for a good leather jacket, but this cropped leather vest is slowly overtaking it.

The skinny pants are great, and I love the color. The shoes on the other hand... I don't love.

Another great jacket from McQ! Prints are okay, nothing to scream about.

Sweater's cute and it looks like it has very structured shoulders. I like.

I like this look but it's totally ruined by the leggings. :/

Pictures from Nylon Mag

Verdict - Yes, very wearable, a few McQ trademarks. Granted this is for Target, I was hoping for McQ to be a bit more 'out there'.