Saturday, February 28, 2009

WAYWT || Waste some time with you

I've been having fun with the black skirt mentioned in the previous post. It goes well with most of the clothes I own, and my favourite combination must be the skirt with my Burberry sweater. Black + tan = love. I don't have a picture though, but I will be wearing it so often, it will be more chances to take photos of it.

Went shopping, and there was this really interesting Tux dress. I love it.. I might have to own it, but I have no idea where to wear it to.

What I wore yesterday - Furrmuse cardi (bought from College), M)phosis black skirt, Tommy Hilfiger tank top, shoes from Taiwan (a present from a friend) and black duffle bag - I forgot where I got it.


  1. Hi I found your blog on the fashion spot, and am hoping for someone to be kind enough to send me an invite, i'm studying fashion at university and am also a street style photographer for the manchester fashion network. i would really love to share some shots particularly in the street style forums. my email is thank you (hopefully!)

  2. Hi! I'm not sure if you got an invite already, I can't seem to access your website, so let me know :)