Saturday, February 14, 2009

Topshop || Witchcraft

I feel cheated.

Remember my entry on this look in Topshop's new lookbook?

So after waiting and anticipating, this is what's actually being sold... Everything looks similar, EXCEPT for the Rodarte-style sweater. Which, in my opinion (humble, of course), is what brings the look together. The sweater is the talking point of the entire outfit. WHERE IS IT? The actual sweater being sold is more fitted to the skin, and not loose fit. It's solid coloured, not different coloured knits. And it is not nicely ripped at the right places.

In other news, I crave the two jackets of the other looks, the one on sale looks decent too.

Edit// Seeing Style Bubble's entry on the press event last year on these looks make me sad. The Rodarte-style knit piece looks gorgeous. It should have gone to production.

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